your price
per class
4 times     
You can visit classes during 4 weeks                                                                                                                                                                   
 45€ 11,25€
10 times 
You can visit classes for four months
 130 13€
1x Class 15 
 First try class  10€ 

Private practice:

  Room rent fee
1 x class (one person) 60min50€ 22.50
1 x class (two person) 60min60€ 22.50
1 x class (one  person) 90min 60€  22.50
 1 x class (two person) 90min70€ 22.50€

NB! If you will cancel privet class the same day it should be, you should to transfer 50% of the class price to MyWay OÜ account.


For classes you can pay in cash or transfer to MyWay OÜ arvele, Swedpank  A/a EE642200221056219226